We are like cells: our close ones influence our behaviours, our feelings and ultimately our success. You are what you eat and you behave like your friends. At WeDev we understand the key importance of positive spirals: we take the time to apprehend your project and your motivations, and then we give you the team that can best complete your project and understand your dreams. We do not want our team to apply your plan: we need them have faith in in your vision and your success.”
Franck studied his MSc in Finance at the Cranfield School of Management in the UK, where he learned in ins and outs of the City, writing a thesis in statistics on executive compensation and firm risk taking in the FSTE350. His studies took him across London, Paris or Chicago: he took the best of each city to improve his understanding and broaden his horizons.
After improving his knowledge in a fashion startup, he flew to Ivory Coast to work in asset management. Later, he then joined the headquarters of one of France’s biggest industrial companies at the Financial Planning and Analysis department. Franck understands how young companies and big corporations monitor their KPIs, build financial models to better understand the past and plan the future: this is what he wants to offer to young and ambitious businesses.

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